Scientifically Illiterate Rep. Katie Porter Reportedly Denounces, Fires Staffer For 'Giving Her COVID'

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Rep. Katie Porter (D-Calif.) allegedly fired a military veteran staffer this past summer, blaming her for “giving her COVID-19.”

Via Reason:

Sasha Georgiades is a U.S. Navy veteran… [whose] fellowship technically ended in August of 2022; in reality, things came to an abrupt halt several weeks earlier, on July 9, when Porter retaliated against Georgiades for allegedly giving her COVID-19.


Georgiades provides text message screenshots to back up her claims, which she confirmed the veracity of to Reason.

Porter’s office has denied the allegation, but here is Georgiades in an interview with The Hill. Judge her credibility for yourself. As an ideological ally of Porter and a longtime devotee, she has no immediately obvious reason to lie.

“You gave me COVID. In 25 months, it took you not following the rules to get me sick. My children have nobody to care for them,” Porter allegedly wrote. Porter makes $174,000/year as a Congressional representative, belying the underhanded claim that she doesn’t have the resources to find caretakers for her children when she’s sick.

Even the fearmongering, pro-lockdown, vaxxes-for-all corporate media has been forced to admit that COVID-19 cannot be contained and will never go away. It is now endemic. Everyone is going to contract COVID, and no mitigation effort short of hermitdom on a remote island will prevent it.

Retaliating against your staffer, especially when you have no proof that she actually was the one who passed it to you, demonstrates low moral character and/or scientific illiteracy — neither of which speak well of an elected representative.


One moral of this melodrama, among many, although not particularly insightful or revelatory, is that politicians are rarely the same person behind the scenes when the cameras go off as they are in the spotlight.

Behind the do-gooder façade, they are frequently the worst kind of petty tyrant — not to mention blatantly ignorant about basic virology.

Katie Porter markets herself as a sort of every(wo)man standing up for the little guy when she’s on the House floor or performing for an interview. In private, she allegedly throws loyal staffers under the bus for imaginary, minor infractions.

Rather than excoriating helpless staffers for “giving her COVID,” maybe Porter could lose a little weight — obese women being at the highest risk of developing long COVID of all demographics and generally at higher risk of any form of infection.

But naw — that might require taking personal responsibility, which is anathema to the liberal ethos.


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