Fauci's Christmas Eve Birthday: Coincidence or Profane Mockery of the Divine?

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“Coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous.”
—Albert Einstein

On Christmas Eve, 1940, in Brooklyn was born outgoing NIAID Director, unindicted war criminal, and possible Antichrist Anthony Fauci. His 82nd birthday is afoot, which he will inexplicably enjoy outside of prison.


Is the date merely a coincidence or actually evidence that Fauci is the Antichrist?

Religious canon holds that the devil — known alternatively as Satan, Lucifer, or Beelzebub — is fond of mocking the sacred so as to profane and debase it. For instance, the time slot for the “Witching Hour” is 3 a.m. for a very specific reason.

Via iHorror:

The phrase “witching hour” was first recorded in 1793. However, this seems to have begun around 1535 when the Catholic Church forbade activities taking place during 3-4 a.m. This was based on religious texts that stated the belief that Jesus was crucified at 3 p.m., the reverse of that would be 3 a.m., making this time for demonic activity. The number 3 is also a mockery of the Holy Trinity.

How deliciously ironic would it be then to unleash the Antichrist on the world on the eve of the birth of the Savior?


The Public Health™ authorities certainly enjoy blaspheming the holiest day in the Christian calendar, perverting it to pursue their own agendas. Check out the soullessness in Canada’s chief Public Health™ officer Theresa Tam’s face as she uses Santa Claus to manipulate children into getting the injection.

Christmas is a time of community, grace, and optimism, so naturally, the Antichrist must demean it.



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