Transgender Women Now Issued 'New Vagina Manuals' Following Affirmative Surgery

(Andrew Loxley/International Partnership for Microbicides via AP)

“Don’t give yourselves to these unnatural men – machine men with machine minds and machine hearts! You are not machines! You are not cattle! You are men!”
—Charlie Chaplin, The Great Dictator


“Transgender women” who get medically castrated are now apparently provisioned “new vagina manuals” upon discharge by the surgeons who operated on them in the same way that a manufacturer provides an owner’s manual for a new piece of technological equipment. In this way, the transgenders are one step closer to becoming more machine than man.

For a graphic, yet necessary, illustration of the gruesome “gender-affirming” procedure known as “vaginoplasty,” University of Utah Health explains:

During most vaginoplasties, your surgeon will use a skin graft to create a new vaginal canal (the inside wall of the vagina). To do this, your surgeon will take skin from your scrotum and thin it so it works well as a skin graft.

If there’s not enough skin from your scrotum to make your new vagina, then your surgeon can take extra skin from the sides of your abdomen where there won’t be a very noticeable scar.

To make your new vaginal canal, your surgeon will create a space between your rectum and bladder. Once your skin graft is inserted, your surgeon will place gauze or spongy material inside the new vaginal canal for 5 days. The gauze puts pressure on the skin graft so it grows like it should into the surrounding vaginal tissue.


Snip-snap, now you’re a woman!

This is a highly reductionist take on femininity.

Are body parts, synthetic or natural, all that a woman is — a conglomeration of hormones and body parts that can be installed and uninstalled like pieces of hardware?

Is the human body reducible to its mechanical parts? Transgender activists certainly claim so because that’s the only way they can ever make any objective claims of womanhood, beyond vague and indefinable “feelings.”

“Medical science can change most variables as required.” Estrogen equals femininity? Plastic crotch implants equal femininity?

Visit the transgender clinic, pay the doc to excise your testes, fashion a flesh trench out of the open wound, and call it a vagina. Now you’ve experienced womanhood! Abruptly, you went from oppressed to oppressor! All of a sudden, you’re equipped to fight the same oppressive Patriarchy™ that five minutes ago you were a bona fide member of.

This is where we arrive at the intersection of transgenderism and transhumanism, a no man’s land (literally) where biology is irrelevant because there is nothing about a person that the biomedical industry can’t re-engineer and optimize and streamline.


The act of creation and endowment of immutable characteristics, like biological sex, has traditionally been the sole domain of God. Unfortunately, Western society hasn’t been going God’s way in recent centuries; He’s recently gained some new challengers to his dominion in the form of WEF technocrats.

Here is WEF “futurist” Yuval Noah Harari discussing the technocratic ambition to effectively replace God by “hacking” human beings as if they are merely pieces of technological equipment:

Not just computers, we can hack human beings and other organisms. So there’s a lot of talk these days about hacking computers and email accounts and bank accounts and mobile phones but actually we are gaining the ability to hack human beings. [emphasis added]

Yuval Noah Harari’s most cryptic quote — “God is dead – it’s just taking a while to get rid of the body” — perhaps signifies more than the atheistic conceit that it might indicate on the surface. The human body is, according to Abrahamic religious doctrine, the Creator’s crowning achievement, molded in His own image. Disfiguring/mutilating it, then, is a victory for His rivals.


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