The Corporate Media's Sick Jihad Against Vitamin D

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The Public Health© biomedical regime, via its private-sector public-relations arm, the corporate media, maintains its brutal siege of all things natural medicine – most especially vitamin D*.


The vital role that vitamin D plays in human health is nearly impossible to overstate. In fact, the term “vitamin D” is a misnomer; it’s actually a steroid hormone.

Its many dozens of crucial physiological functions include — not coincidentally in the context of corporate media demonization — producing faster, fuller recovery for patients with COVID-19.


Their anti-vitamin D propaganda is so lazy that they don’t even bother switching up the thumbnails in their hit pieces anymore.

Screenshot from CNN

Let’s take the first propaganda piece, “Vitamin D won’t protect you from Covid or respiratory infections, studies say.”

The first study cited in the article to debunk vitamin D’s utility for immune system health involved giving patients a vitamin D supplement and then swabbing them for COVID-19 infections over the course of six months. It had exactly nothing to say about the severity of COVID-19 in positive cases or whether the test subjects were even symptomatic.

The second study cited administered 5 mL of cod liver oil, containing a paltry 10 µg of vitamin D (400 IU) — a joke dose for anyone with truly insufficient levels (this includes at least 42% of the American population who have clinical vitamin D deficiency).

To get into the optimal vitamin D range on a blood test in the course of a few months — the time range that most of these vitamin D “debunking” studies operate within — people with deficiencies would have to take something on the order of 10,000 IUs daily. Definitely not 400, which is a bare-minimum maintenance dose.


This is smoke and mirrors with the veneer of professional authority. These studies are rigged from the start. Their intent is clearly to discredit vitamin D via foolish study design, in most cases directly or indirectly funded by the biomedical state with an interest in peddling its pharmaceutical wares.


In the above article, as in virtually all others, CNN eventually meanders to the punchline: “We can be completely sure that vaccination is way more effective than vitamin D which probably does not prevent COVID-19 at all.”

One would be hard-pressed to find a single corporate media article covering vitamin D that does not promote COVID-19 vaxxes at some point, even though the two topics are ostensibly unrelated.

Not a single supplement, arguably, has a more extensive track record of study documenting its medicinal properties than vitamin D. Any uncorrupted immunologist worth his salt will tell you the truth based on decades of research (see here, here, and here).

But the New York Times won’t let that stop its propaganda:

There’s really not much data at all to support the use of most supplements to prevent illness or to boost your immunity.

Nonsense. There are dozens, if not hundreds or thousands, of supplements that boost immunity — zinc, various mushroom extracts, vitamin C, and elderberry, just to name a few. Vitamin D just happens to trump them all in terms of clinical research. It’s the most reliably effective means to naturally augment immunity, which is why it must be demonized.


Insider Magazine recently managed to demonize the rainbow of vitamins — A through E — in a single article, “Most dietary supplements are a waste of money. Here are the ones to take, and what you should avoid.”


The anti-vitamin D jihad is inexplicable unless you understand the financial incentives of the various actors.

Vitamin D is unpatentable. Thus it serves none of the interests that dominate the political and economic space, which are functionally one and the same.

Public Health© bureaucracy is Big Pharma is the corporate media. They are separate entities only in the literal legal sense. CNN (as an avatar for the corporate media as a whole) is an independent corporation. Likewise is Pfizer (avatar for the broader pharmaceutical industry). Those exist in the private sector and are each theoretically incentivized by totally different goals than the publicly-funded Public Health© apparatus, including the FDA, NIH, USDA, etc.

But Pfizer money flows like a river directly into CNN through advertising dollars, providing a strong incentive for CNN to toe the Pfizer line. Pfizer uses its vast resources to buttress the failing corporate media, which somehow persists, despite its year-after-year vote of no confidence by the public in polling.

Executives from Pfizer filter in and out through the various Public Health© agencies of state, theoretically serving the public good but, in reality, serving their corporate masters who will employ them as soon as they leave government “service.”


The figureheads of state — like Jen Psaki most recently — who serve their overlords faithfully are rewarded handsomely with lucrative corporate media contracts once they exit their government posts stage-left.

These interests are inseparable, and they functionally form a single organism, in much the same way that the brain, liver, and gonads all perform distinct activities, but the sum of those activities is to sustain the single organism that they form.

It’s laughable Kabuki theatre. Despite the absurdity, graduate degree-holding midwits, who believe in the benevolence of the state and liberal democracy as a governing philosophy, solemnly celebrate these institutions.

Failure to understand and recognize this is a massive oversight not just of liberals, though. It’s also a blind spot of a large swathe of libertarian and libertarian-adjacent ideologues, who compartmentalize them into “public” and “private” sector actors. Those lines were blurred long ago, and our collective health suffers for it.


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