Obama May Be Filling His Own Gas Tank on January 23, 2013

As a follow-up to Bryan Preston’s post this morning on Obama’s long-held, malevolent and anti-American desire to see U.S. energy costs soar to historic highs,


A recent Gallup poll on the US energy situation indicates that the public favors construction of the Keystone XL pipeline, 57 percent to 29 percent. The poll also found that 91 percent of the public say the energy situation in the US is either very serious or fairly serious.

An AAA poll found that 84% of Americans are changing their driving habits to cope with the current national average of $3.90 per gallon prices, which in California are already at $4.33, on average.

Economists predict the obvious: with more of consumers’ money going to pay for gas, and fewer trips to any but bare-necessity retail establishments in the offing, the entire economy of the United States will have only one direction to go, and that would be down.

Americans who try to avoid the prohibitive costs of traveling by car this summer by taking to the skies, will fare no better (emphasis added):

Unfortunately, air travel may be no less expensive than driving. According to FareCompare.com, Southwest Airlines raised fare prices Monday by $6 to $10 per round trip. This follows a price increase last Thursday of $10 round trip for JetBlue. The last time both airlines raised their fares, the other airlines followed soon after. This is the fifth price increase this year for the industry.

For readers with neither a calendar nor a calculator handy, that would mean the fifth price increase in 87 days, or an average of one airfare price increase every 17.4 days.


With his proposed end-run around the Democratic Congressional refusal to enact his wretched cap-and-trade plan, his ever-more-dangerous-to-American interests EPA is now about to enact yet another executive branch order, wresting the power vested in Congress from Congress.

I regret to say a pattern is clearly emerging before our eyes.  It’s beginning to sound a lot like a one-man rule and the one man is none other than Barack Obama.  When he was a Constitutional law lecturer (a lower academic rank than the “professor” he likes to falsely claim he was), did he always skip the part about the three coequal branches?  Was his emphasis only on the executive branch?

All in all, Obama may be on course to piss off so many members of his base, who actually have to drive to work — the ones who aren’t part of the 9% unemployed — and appall the rest of us, that he may just have to start filling his own gas tank in January, 2013.  Let’s hope so.


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