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Israeli Soldier Murdered on Lebanese Border. Will U.S. Act?

On December 15, an Israeli jeep was driving along the Israel-Lebanese border near the coast, in a quiet area which hadn't seen war for decades. Suddenly, a shot -- and a warrant officer fell dead.

He wasn’t killed by a “terrorist.” Apparently he was shot by a uniformed soldier of the Lebanese army.

Let’s consider this situation under America’s supposed security protection of Israel. Is Lebanon going to court martial this soldier? Is the United States going to demand that he be punished? Will the United States do anything? Remember that the U.S. will be subsidizing Iran, and who knows what else, and that the Obama administration has attempted to restrain any Israeli actions in the past.

This Lebanese soldier is going to get away with murder. No one will criticize him; rather, he will receive compliments.

This incident and the U.S. response are going to pose daily questions of U.S. policy going forward (this was a Lebanese soldier, not a Palestinian, but the principle is the same).

What if the soldiers had been a few dozen miles away? The United States is obviously going to regret such an action, but is not going to do anything, and will try to restrain Israel. Lebanon, Syria, and other countries are going to behave like they are at war with Israel, but the United States will not allow Israel to behave like it is at war with them.

What if Hizballah had shot the soldier? This would mean that an Israeli soldier was murdered by a de facto ally of the United States. After all, the United States has likely provided Iran with some $20 billion, has cut sanctions, and so will not do anything about the situation. What do Israelis gain? A “frequent friar" (Hebrew for "sucker") card.