More Violence in Benghazi Shows After-Effects of Scandal

As I’ve noted, Libya is starting to fall apart and the Benghazi scandal cover-up prevented the Obama administration from taking serious action in regard to that country, including retaliation against the terrorist group that the United States knows was responsible.


In the last week, there was a car bomb and four attacks on Libyan military posts in Benghazi. The al-Qaeda affiliate that murdered four Americans controls parts of the city and is unchallenged by the central government, which has been too weak to confront those who reject its authority.

Al-Qaeda still controls part of the city’s entrances and the hospital where the U.S. ambassador’s body was taken by them last September 11. It has faced zero retaliation by the U.S. government and no pressure from Washington for the Libyan government to crack down on it.

Remember that the U.S. government’s attempt to make people forget the scandal and the insistence that the attack was caused by a demonstration against a video gone wrong have prevented the highlighting of the actual murders and any action taken against the perpetrators.

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