You'll Never Guess Who Else Was Partying After Israel Was Invaded

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It shouldn’t surprise us that vile animals in medieval Middle Eastern hellholes were celebrating after their fellow vile animals invaded Israel and slaughtered innocent civilians. Nor that other vile animals were celebrating in nominally Western, stupid countries like Canada. I confess to being somewhat surprised to see open celebration of the bloody slaughter in my own country — what’s left of it, anyway — in places such as New York City.


This is all the more unsettling when you remember that NYC became home to so many Jews who fled to the United States and rebuilt their lives that had been shattered by the Nazis. I can’t imagine the terror the elderly survivors still in the city must be feeling right now.

But as an American, there is one place that I still expect to take this Jihadian butchery seriously, and that is the seat of our Commander in Chief, the White House. Obviously, though, that is never going to happen so long as the current regime is in power.

Time’s Senior White House Correspondent, Brian Bennett, posted a pool report on Sunday evening in which he mentioned hearing a live band rocking out in the White House Rose Garden. When he inquired about what was going on, he was told that Joe and Jill were deigning to party with the help.


“President Joe Biden hosted a party for White House staff on Sunday night as countless Americans remain missing and held hostage by terrorist organization Hamas in the Gaza Strip,” reported Katie Pavlich over at PJ Media’s sister site, Townhall. “A number of Americans were killed by terrorists in attacks over the weekend.” More have apparently been taken hostage. Traditionally, a situation this dire for American citizens is given the personal attention of the U.S. president.

Now, I understand that the hard-working White House maids, chefs, and groundskeepers deserve a picnic as much as anyone, and there is no reason why they should have been deprived of some tasty barbecue just because there are diabolical animals in the world. And being decent, hard-working folk, they would surely have understood if the Leader of the Free World needed to take a pass on patronizing them with his presence while he attended to redressing the rapes, dismemberments, executions, and kidnappings underway against Americans and citizens of one our most important allies. The First Lady could certainly have handled hostess duties on her own; it’s kind of her job description, after all.


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There was a time when politicians used to worry about the “optics” of their actions, but that time has clearly passed. Our garbage ruling class is so firmly ensconced in power that it no longer cares what the peasants think.

Over the past few years, my vocabulary has been depleted of words to express the depth of my contempt for the Biden family and administration. As a result, I am now at a loss for words for this new low of callous, elitist oblivion. Despicable doesn’t come close to covering it.

An earlier version of this article claimed in error that Biden has not remarked on the attacks.




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