The Most Satisfying Thing You'll See This Month: Rangers Demolish Loathsome Climate Activists' Roadblock

One group of buffoons who have come to be roundly reviled by both the Right and the Left are the loathsome climate activists who block roads, throw soup on artworks, interrupt events, and otherwise piss off just about everyone. These people really put the “mental” into environmental activism as they glue their hands to the pavement or slow-march in front of commuters, staring into space with their dead eyes and an inhuman detachment from the anger and antipathy they inspire.


In today’s episode, smelly hippies from a group called Seven Circles set up a barrier across a main road leading to this year’s Burning Man festival. Seven Circles is “a diverse coalition that uses non-violent direct action to raise class consciousness within the climate movement. It was formed with the objective of uniting labor unions, climate scientists, student bodies, socialist organizations, and the general public in demanding a change to the current economic system—capitalism—to avert the risk of social collapse.” This is according to the group’s press release regarding its illegal and obnoxious action on Sunday. I will not include any of the group’s aims or intentions in this article, as the activists should not be rewarded for their self-centered, lawless actions.

Burning Man was once a counter-cultural art and music festival out in the Nevada desert, where fringy folk would get lit for days before lighting a massive wooden man-effigy on fire. But as with many such gatherings (SXSW comes to mind), Big Left moved in and turned the once-genuinely edgy event into a bougie conference for Marxist activists.

Distraught at the commercialization of the once-hip hippie party, the small group of hippies thought they could make friends and influence people by blocking the larger group of hippies making their way to Burning Man. Because nothing wins people to your cause like forcing them to sit in a hot car in the desert for hours.

The handful of activists dragged a trailer across the highway. Then they set up their obnoxious signs, which read “De-growth Now,” “Abolish Capitalism,” “General Strike for Climate,” and “Burners of the World Unite.” They handed out flyers to the captive audience of people stuck in their cars for a while but when enough angry motorists began trying to remove their roadblock, they chained themselves to it.


At last, the rangers rolled up and put an end to the climate foot soldiers’ abhorrent anarchy.

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It is indescribably satisfying to hear a voice of genuine authority command activists through the PA system, “Get the f*** out of the road” and “I’m going to take all of you out. You better move.” We have been traumatized as a nation for years now, watching lawlessness go unaddressed by corrupt officials at all levels. It is illegal to block a highway, and for once, in one glorious instance at least, in one place, the law was enforced. Praise God!

It’s sublime to watch a Ranger’s truck flatten the signs and other rubbish the greenies had used to block the road. But by far my favorite detail is the anguished howls of the hippie lady on the side of the road as she watches the men take care of business. “We’re non-violent!” she wails repeatedly. “We have no weapons at all.” Incapable of comprehending the enforcement of duly passed laws unfolding before her, she bravely proclaims through her tears, “We’re environmental protestors” — as though that somehow justifies basically kidnapping thousands of people.

And now, ladies and gentlemen, it’s time for our main feature. Sit back, make yourselves comfortable, and enjoy:


This slightly longer video shows the action from a different angle and is just as fun to watch. Plus, it also documents how insanely long the traffic jam caused by the eco-jackwagons became:

If you’re hungry for more, here’s a longer video:

Pyramid Lake Rangers did not reply to a request for additional information at the time of publication, but this article will be updated if they respond.



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