Rebellion Spreads as Catholic School Students Reject 'Pride' on Their Campus

A second incident of young people spontaneously rising up against “Pride Month” celebrations in their school occurred on June 8 in Toronto, Canada. The drama started at the end of May, when the York Catholic District School Board (YCDSB ) voted against a proposal to fly the hideous “Progressive Pride” flag at its headquarters in June. This led to a supposedly student-organized walkout and demonstration across the district’s schools. But for the second time this “Pride,” students opposed to having sexualized Leftist dogma forced into their school stood up to it.


LGBTQetc. activists had been trying to break into the Catholic school district for a long time. The “YCDSB Gender, Sexuality and Catholic Education Committee” was formed last year, and in March 2023, it presented a report to the Trustees. “It had recommended the flag be flown at the centre, which is the board’s primary office in Aurora,” reported Canadian state media, CBC. The committee “also recommended the board release a statement in support of the LGTBQ community and standing against hate. It also urged a group be created to support LGBTQ students and encourage students to report instances of bullying.” In other words, they wanted a Catholic school district to get with the pro-LGBTQ program.

Nonetheless, after several months of rancorous discussion — the CBC reported that police had been called to at least three board meetings leading up to the May vote — the Catholic school trustees elected to remain Catholic. But if there’s one thing we know about Leftists, it’s that they don’t take “no” for an answer.

Thus, the spurned queer and allied students took it upon themselves (or so we are told) to organize a walk-out and protest during the second week of “Pride Month.”


Unfortunately, the school district seems to have tolerated the disobedience and disdain for attendance rules, and the coordinated marches stepped off. But not all York students wanted to be allies of the principled protestors, and for the second time this month, teens rebelled against the belief system being forced into their school.

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CTV News Toronto reports what happened:

Protests at St. Brother Andre CHS, Holy Cross Catholic Academy, Father Bressani CHS, Cardinal Carter CHS, St. Elizabeth CHS, St. Augustine CHS, and St. Maximilian Kolbe CHS were mentioned by YCDSB Students for Change, involving a variety of allegations of violence.

The allegations range from threats, bullying, harassment, and assault, varying per school. YCDSB Students for Change said St. Brother Andre saw “some of the worst forms of hate ever seen in the YCDSB.”

“Our student organizers reported that those against the walkout threw objects, destroyed signs, shouted slurs, berated students, and trampled a Pride flag. The hostility did not come from students who walked out, but opposing groups,” the statement reads, further alleging sticks and rocks were thrown at demonstrators.


You can see some of the atrocities that were committed in this video:


You will likely have noticed by now that the tearful pride club members and indignant outside organizations are lamenting the lack of respect for their sexualized, anti-Christian agenda in a Catholic school district. They are free — encouraged, even — to champion rainbow life just about everywhere in Canada. But totalitarians are never happy with having overwhelming dominance and must fixate on the tiny spots where resistance still exists. Thus, religious schools must be made to toe the line.

It has no doubt been very upsetting for the Pride squad not to get its way when it urged the York Catholic school district to salute its flag. Then, when it decided to have a pro-sin march in the district anyway, it once again met with resistance. No doubt, the clampdown is already underway, and everything will be thrown at these recalcitrant youths.

But this is now the second time there have been genuine, independent uprisings led by fed-up Zoomers against the non-stop LGBTQ force-feeding. Could the rebellion be spreading? The Rainbow Stasi will no doubt be on high alert for the rest of this year’s Pride Gleichschaltung, ready to come down like a ton of bricks on any budding Nick Sandmanns who get out of hand. Two insurgencies could still be a coincidence; a third one would indicate real trouble.




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