Recent Developments Spark Michelle Obama '24 Rumors

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Former President Barack Obama and former first lady Michelle Obama are busy living lives of luxury that peons like us can only dream of. Perhaps because it’s boring to spend all their time ensconced in their mansions in Martha’s Vineyard, Hawaii, and Washington, D.C., the former first couple is currently jet-setting and hobnobbing about Europe with their fancy friends. Not a bad lifestyle for a couple who were decidedly middle class before Barry first got into public office.


While touring the region that gave the world “white supremacy” (or, as most people call it, Western Culture), the Obamas left their five-star Barcelona hotel to join the Spielbergs and take in a concert by Bruce Springsteen. At the show, Michelle, along with Steven Spielberg’s wife Kate Capshaw, was invited on stage to help perform “Glory Days.” The Amazonian former First Lady swayed from side to side in a vivid purple cargo jumpsuit and shook a tambourine as she shared a mic with Bruce’s wife, Patti Scialfa. Leftists everywhere swooned at the sight as they recalled the halcyon glory days of the Obama administration.

But some political watchers think there was more at play here than a few power couples lording their fun, privileged lifestyle over the serfs in the cheap seats. One of them, who is known for his acute mind, is Newt Gingrich. He joined Maria Bartiromo on her Sunday Morning Futures show to voice concern.

Gingrich said he was “very struck when Mark Halperin on his Wide World of News ran the video of Michelle Obama on stage with Bruce Springsteen. She’s playing a tambourine. She recently had 9,000 people at an event with Oprah in Los Angeles.” Gingrich warned, “I think Republicans had better pay significant attention to Michelle Obama. I hadn’t believed that until I saw her on stage with Bruce Springsteen; now that — you know, this is not a person who’s hiding.”


Gingrich made this observation in the context of a discussion he and Bartiromo were having about another recent development at the White House: the departure of Susan Rice as Joe Biden’s main domestic policy adviser. The Fox host noted, “The President’s re-election announcement [came] just one day after Susan Rice decided to depart the White House. Is it a coincidence that the former head of domestic policy, Susan Rice, leaves the administration right before Biden makes such an important announcement?”

Gingrich observed, “I actually thought the most amazing video of the week for Biden was when he could not remember that he had been in Ireland. … He said — he’s stumbling around, ‘Oh, what, where was it that I was at?’ I mean, he seems to be steadily getting more forgetful. And that’s a pretty weak base on which to run for president.”

“Do you believe that Susan Rice leaves the White House the day before Biden makes this announcement is a coincidence?” wondered Bartiromo. “I mean, I feel that this is very significant. I don’t know if she’s going to be managing somebody else’s campaign, if she’s going to run to challenge Biden — what do you think’s going on here? But clearly, Democrats are divided on Biden’s reelection bid.”

“Well, I think at a minimum, it probably is a sign that she said, ‘Don’t do it.’ And he said, ‘I’m doing it anyway.’ And I think she just didn’t want to be part of a Biden reelection,” Gingrich reasoned. At this point, he mentioned being struck by Michelle Obama’s recent high profile, concluding, “So, it’s conceivable that Susan Rice and others have begun to say they’re not going to be part of some kamikaze reelection campaign with a guy who can’t remember what he did yesterday.”


“I saw the video as well on Twitter and apparently, they’re traveling with Steven Spielberg and his wife, and, uh, yeah she got up on stage, again, sparking my questions about Susan Rice stepping down,” noted Bartiromo.

The palace intrigue surrounding power-mad, calculating Democrats is always fascinating to speculate about. And as usual, this year is unprecedented and horrible in its own way, as the party has made the incomprehensible decision to run a dementia patient as its standard-bearer. What’s going on behind the scenes here?

It’s possible that desperate Democrats plan to attempt to swap in Michelle at the last moment, short-circuiting the normal vetting and debate period a candidate would undergo so Republicans won’t have the opportunity to call attention to her many, many issues. It’s also possible that the Obama wing of Big Left is rebelling against the Biden Collective and considering a head-on challenge — which would be a monumental split in the usually Borg-strength unified party.

Or maybe what’s going on here is that normal people, who aren’t blinded by partisan politics and still believe it’s possible to win a general election fair and square, simply can’t believe that this slow-motion train wreck is really, truly what it appears to be — that Democrats would run such a decrepit shell of a man for the highest office in the world — and we are compelled to believe there’s just got to be more to it than that.


No one is that stupid, right?

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