Are These the Worst 9 Seconds of Joe Biden's Political Career?

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When we’re talking about Presidentish Joe Biden’s increasing senility, it’s difficult to choose the worst, most embarrassing moment of his time in office.


Imagine trying to top this first selection from September of last year, when Biden got lost exiting the stage at a Global Fund event — yet he’s done just that on several occasions. From the clip, it’s impossible to tell whether the announcer was supposed to address Biden at the end, or if he was just trying to get the alleged president’s attention and lure him to the correct side of the stage. You know, the side with the actual exit.

Like most folks suffering from Alzheimer’s, senile dementia, or maybe the long-term effects of two brain aneurysms, Biden has good moments and bad ones. But the bad ones seem to be becoming more frequent.

Honestly, it seems impossible that we’d ever see a moment more revealing than this one from last week. I’m a fan of it, so to speak, because this particular moment didn’t just reveal Biden’s creeping senescence but also showed the world how our pliant press pretends POTUS is compos mentis.

You know, it’s one thing — not a good thing, mind you, but perhaps a less-bad thing — when the American press hid from the world how feeble FDR had become, particularly during the last two or three years of his life. It’s quite another to pretend that a nuclear-armed POTUS is still capable of even friendly give-and-take when the White House Press Corps(e).


Or maybe it was just this weekend, when Biden seemed to forget where he was — just look at that vacant expression — after receiving a jersey and other goodies during an all-too-brief visit with the Air Force Academy Falcons football team.

(Mad props to my local AFA guys for beating Army and Navy this season and taking the Commander-in-Chief Trophy.)

In this next clip from April of last year, we have The Most Powerful Man in the World™, ignored and lonely-looking at his own White House event.

Typically, a president can’t get a moment’s peace in a crowd. Everybody wants to get a few seconds with the man sitting atop a multi-trillion-dollar executive branch, and whose phone and pen can make or break… most anything, really. Yet people seem content to ignore Joe Biden. Why is that? To ask the question is to answer it.

Put them all together and it’s like the opposite of a greatest hits collection. But as any record collector can tell you, no greatest hits album is complete without at least one new song to force die-hard fans to buy it. And that’s exactly what I have for you today.


Here’s the Quick & Dirty VodkaPundit Transcript:

[unintelligible, sounds vaguely like “I’m a puff”] Florida’s small business… winner… award winner… of, uh, the, uh, business week winner… [slams mic on lectern] YOU WON.

Who won exactly what is, like the workings of whatever is left of Joe Biden’s mind, a mystery.

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