Tiger Woods Should Be Ashamed of Himself (for Apologizing)

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Everyone is mad at Tiger Woods. No, he didn’t cheat on his wife and the mother of his children with multiple women this time. Nor did he drive his car across two lanes of traffic before crashing it. He didn’t even tick everyone off by underperforming during the first round of the Genesis Invitational on Friday, his first official PGA Tour event in over seven months. No, Tiger did something far worse: he made a joke — a joke that offended the ruling class.


ABC News covered the prank that sent the pink p*ssy hats into a tizzy:

It started when [Woods] ripped a 323-yard drive, some 10 yards longer than the 29-year-old [playing partner Justin] Thomas. Walking off the tee, Woods discreetly put something in Thomas’ hand, which Thomas tossed to the ground when he realized what it was — a tampon, to remind him that Woods hit it farther. Woods laughed and put his arm around Thomas.


You can’t see it in this video, but Thomas laughed, too — because it was funny.

You could hear the shreeing of feminist harpies from miles away. As per TMZ:

Kara Sugar, CEO of the Women’s Global Empowerment Fund, tells TMZ … Tiger’s tampon moment was not only misogynistic but also tone-deaf and straight-up disrespectful to women and girls all over the world.

Sugar ripped the golfing legend, wondering if he’s intimating “periods are embarrassing or shameful or a sign of weakness?”…

The women’s group says it’s sad to see Tiger do this because he’s a grown man with a daughter … and they feel the joke distracts from the serious issues involving mental health and periods, which women and girls around the globe face.

A meme featuring dour, anti-fun feminist Sandra Fluke. Source unknown.


Maybe if these gals had a sense of humor, they could relieve their pre-menstrual tension with a good laugh. Tiger dutifully offered a semi-apology when questioned by a female reporter. “Your joke with JT from nine yesterday is kind of going viral,” she accused. “Can you kind of just explain your thoughts behind it?” Because everyone knows that once you explain a joke, it stops being funny.


Luckily, plenty of broads rallied to the side of joy and fun over glowering resentment. It seems that women with a sense of humor still exist, and many took to social media to defend Tiger. Among them was TikTok golf sensation Alejandra “Golf Mami” Barnard, who had played a similar prank herself less than a year ago:


The plain truth is that women aren’t as physically strong as men. (I’m talking about actual women, not “transgender” appropriators.) Tee Precision notes that “Collectively, women have a lower average driving distance than men. For instance, in 2019, men had an average driving distance of 223.4 while women had an average driving distance of 166.4 yards.

Sorry, womyn, that’s just the way it is. And thus, it’s funny — and effective — to tease men by comparing them to ladies.

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Back before our military got woke, it was customary for taskmasters to motivate underperforming troops by calling them ladies, like Clint Eastwood in this scene from Heartbreak Ridge:


In the hilarious film Forgetting Sarah Marshall, the stand-out scene features Mila Kunis’s character teasing Jason Segel’s for acting like a frightened female:



Tiger Woods had nothing to apologize for. The joke he played on Thomas was hysterical, even more so because he had gone to all the trouble of bringing a prop onto the course in case he had the opportunity to deploy it. When questioned about it afterward, he should have just said, “Oh, lighten up. Next question.”


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