WATCH: Liberal Reporter Tries to Ask DeSantis a Biased Question, Gets Wrecked

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Can Fla. Gov. Ron Desantis just be president now? Please? His handling of a biased reporter who tried to push a liberal talking point while asking a question was simply magnificent.


A little background: The Parental Rights in Education bill is making its way through the Florida legislature. The bill was already approved by the state’s house, and the Senate is expected to pass it today. Gov. DeSantis will then sign it into law, and it will take effect this summer. The bill basically calls for children to be allowed to have a childhood and for parents to be in charge of their own children’s moral upbringing at very young ages. The bill prevents schools from teaching gender bizarreness and exotic sexuality to children in kindergarten through third grade — the horror! — and also gives parents the right to know what schools are doing to their kids’ mental health. The bill also makes provisions for situations where telling a parent about a student’s emotional issues may place the student in danger.

While most of us would be shocked to learn that the provisions in the law aren’t already the case in schools, the Left is naturally shrieking and wailing. They have labeled the proposed legislation the “Don’t Say ‘Gay'” bill and are campaigning hysterically against it.

When DeSantis was giving a press conference at the Strawberry Festival in Plant City, WFLA reporter Evan Donovan came at him with a loaded question — and DeSantis crushed him.


Donovan began by asking DeSantis about “the Parental Rights in Education [bill], what critics call the ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill —”

DeSantis was having none of it and interrupted the reporter. “Does it say that in the bill?” he asked. Donovan tried to keep going, so DeSantis repeated his question.

“I’m asking …” dodged the reporter, only to have Governor Alpha realign the conversation again.

“I’m asking you to tell me what’s in the bill, because you are pushing false narratives,” said DeSantis. “It doesn’t matter what critics say.”

Donovan gamely tried another line of narrative. “It says it bans classroom instruction on sexual identity and gender orientation —”

“For who?” demanded DeSantis, before answering his own question. “For grades pre-K through three, so five-year-olds, six-year-olds, seven-year-olds. And the idea that you wouldn’t be honest about that and tell people what it actually says is why people don’t trust people like you, because you peddle false narratives.” The crowd burst into applause as DeSantis continued, “And so, we disabuse you of those narratives.”


“We’re going to make sure that parents are able to send their kid to kindergarten without having some of this stuff injected into their school curriculum,” concluded the gallant governor.

For Our VIPs: Read My Lips: Ron DeSantis Will Be President One Day

If I were in the baby business at this point in my life, I’d have no choice but to raise my kids in Florida. Gov. DeSantis has everything we loved about President Trump — common sense, moral clarity, executive presence, and plain talk — without the over-the-top comments. 2024 can’t get here fast enough.


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