Ukrainian Refugees? I Still Have My Afghan Refugees Decorations Up!

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Have you noticed that no one ever just immigrates anymore? Everyone, it seems, is a refugee from somewhere or another.

The term “refugee” carries a far greater sense of urgency than plain old “immigrant” — and also the power to leapfrog over those waiting patiently in the orderly regular immigration system. As we know, Leftists love to leverage crises to accomplish what they couldn’t otherwise. Sadly, this incentivizes them to create — or at least, not interfere with — crises that they can then exploit. I’m not saying that Leftists have been intentionally destabilizing the globe specifically so they can destroy stable western nations with overwhelming unregulated immigration, but I am saying that constant refugee crises are a feature, not a bug, to them.

When I was a kid in the waning years of the Cold War, I would ask adults what communists were. “Communists are people who want everyone to be the same,” explained a grandparent with a shudder. Another adult (a teacher maybe?) told me that communists love to move people around en masse. Over the years, I’ve learned about and seen this principle in action. Whether it’s smaller deployments of violent criminals and the seriously mentally ill or massive relocations of entire populations, the tactic is immensely effective in overwhelming, destabilizing, impoverishing, and erasing the culture of the target nation.

And what better way to mobilize destitute, needy populations than to create the conditions for war to break out in their region? President Obama’s 2011 withdrawal from Iraq left a vacuum that was quickly filled by ISIS, which rapidly expanded into Syria. Simultaneously, Obama encouraged the so-called Arab Spring while his administration’s policies helped topple moderate, stable (if not gentle) Arab regimes. I remember being particularly mortified when the United States threw Col. Muammar Gaddafi to the wolves after the Libyan leader had been a gracious partner in our quest for retribution after September 11. But Obama assured the world that this was a great time for Arab nations.

You’ll never guess what happened next!

The stupefyingly easy-to-predict civil wars and violence that overtook the Middle East sparked the biggest wave of immigration to Europe in over half a century. Well over a million “migrants” in 2015 alone were funneled into Europe where, with their status as “refugees,” they were welcomed by all the pious Leftist national leaders. With uneven (if any) popular support, the refugees were distributed throughout the EU and hooked right up to the public trough. Mass migration of culturally incompatible, welfare-dependent third-worlders into Europe continues to this day.

Over the Trump years, the world’s troublemakers were subdued, and many who wanted to lead their countries to peace and prosperity were able to do so. For example, Trump’s magnificent Abraham Accords did more to bring peace to Israel and its neighbors than anything else in my lifetime.

For Our VIPs: Abraham Accords Prove a Major Success One Year Later

But all good things come to an end, and Big Left worked like the devil in 2020 to bring the United States its most disastrous administration yet. The Biden Collective immediately threw open the southern U.S. border to one and all. Illegal aliens were coached to declare themselves refugees, and the Collective helped distribute as many of them around the country as Muslims into Europe in the peak year of that migrant crisis.

Next, brilliant Commander-in-Chief Brandon perpetrated the most incompetent withdrawal in modern history when he pulled U.S. forces out of Afghanistan. So precipitous was the decampment that there was no organized opportunity for friendlies to evacuate; even a significant number of U.S. citizens were left behind.

You’ll never guess what happened next!

In the power vacuum left behind by yet another feckless Democrat president, the elected Afghan government that Americans had spent two expensive, bloody decades supporting was quickly swept aside. The Taliban (you know — the guys who let Afghanistan host the Al Quaeda training camps that brought us September 11) rampaged over the country with blinding speed. The resulting violence and terror sparked a wave of refugees, many of whom joined the migration pipeline into Europe. The Biden Collective, an avid globalist-socialist member, is also raking in culturally incongruous, public support-dependent Afghani refugees with both hands. In 2022, the Collective has set a goal of importing 125,000 Afghans, in addition to the million-plus “refugees” who will doubtless slip through our open southern border again.

But why stop with destabilizing one region when you can wreck two? There is a strong case to be made that former President Obama, along with then-Vice President Joe “the Big Guy” Biden, is largely responsible for weakening Ukraine enough that Putin could begin annexing it on Obama’s watch.

Even further back, when he was a senator, Obama won millions in federal funding and even traveled to eastern Ukraine and met with then-President Victor Yushchenko to oversee the nation’s destruction of thousands of tons of arms and ammunition as part of a “threat-reduction” program. (I bet Ukrainians wish they still had those arms today.) Not a decade later, using the Arab Spring “popular uprising” model, President Obama helped toss out the duly elected Yanukovych government like last week’s borscht.

You’ll never guess what happened next!

Disarmed and politically destabilized, Ukraine was soon invaded and divested of Crimea by Putin’s Russia. Impotent Obama stood by and let it happen, as he had done with the other messes he had made. And now that fog-wit Biden is in the White House, the process that was paused under Trump’s leadership has simply started up again. Ukraine is under military assault and invasion by Putin’s forces as I type these words.

And here come the refugees! For now, the Biden Collective is leaning on the already-saturated EU to take in the Ukrainians fleeing the violence in their homeland. But current predictions say that between four and five million Ukrainians will eventually seek refuge, and European leaders are grumbling. Get ready, Americans: it’s almost time to pack away your Afghan refugee decorations and hang up your Ukrainian refugee ones!



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