Clinton-Harris Ticket Polling Ahead of Biden

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One thousand registered, likely voters were asked last week who they would support if a presidential election were held today. Forty-three percent stated they would vote for President Trump and 42% said President Biden; 10% were undecided. In a separate question, the survey put President Trump against Vice President Kamala Harris, and this time, Trump trailed by one point, losing to Harris 42% to 41% with 12% undecided. The only other Democrat to earn support sufficient to defeat the 45th President was Hillary Clinton, who managed 43% of the hypothetical vote to President Trump's 41%; undecideds in that scenario dropped back down to 10%.


In short, every day fewer people believe Joe Biden's insistence that he's "the absolute best person to defeat Donald Trump in 2024." The president has lost Jon Stewart, in fact. Vanity Fair reports:

“I am in no way saying Biden’s gotta drop out, but can’t we stress test this candidacy?” Stewart asked. “Can’t we open up the conversation? Do you understand the opportunity here? Do you have any idea how thirsty Americans are for any hint of inspiration or leadership and a release from this choice of a megalomaniac and a suffocating gerontocracy? It is crushing our f***ing spirits. Do you have any idea what could be ahead of you? All we want is for someone to keep it 100. The percentage, not the age.”

For more, follow the Biden Campaign Collapse Tracker curated by none other than our very own Stephen Green.

The poll leans in favor of Democrats, but a review of the questions asked indicates that was the plan by design. As reported by Politico, Bendixen & Amandi International (B&A) paid for and executed the poll. Per their website, "B&A has earned the reputation as the most credible, accurate, and independent polling firm in the nation in assessing Hispanic public opinion."

Anyway, not one hypothetical Republican ticket was offered anywhere in the survey, but three non-Biden Democratic tickets were presented to participants: 

  • Clinton / Harris 43% to Trump 40%
  • Harris / Whitmer 42% to Trump 40%
  • Harris / Shapiro 39% to Trump 41%

As calls grow more courageous for Biden to step aside and put someone else on the ticket with Harris, this poll offers two viable options. The campaign was filed as Biden-Harris, so keeping Kamala on the ticket keeps the money in the original coffers. Finance strategy is going to be crucial during this period of uncertainty because, according to anonymous sources willing to spill the tea to CNBC, many high-dollar Democrat donors are closing their pocketbooks until they are certain who will be on the ticket.

Harris, who was never meant to be the feature presentation of the ticket, could carry on in her usual capacity and comfort zone with Clinton in the top slot. Radical feminists who've been frothing at the mouth for a situation such as this are putting aside their pink pussy hats and tearing off their BAN GUNS, NOT ABORTION bumper stickers to make way for CLINTON-HARRIS 2024 paraphernalia. 

As cringeworthy as this scenario would be, Hillary Clinton is, in fact, the only candidate on the left who would not completely buckle against Donald J. Trump head-to-head. That is, of course, if we skip over Michelle Obama, as most are wont to do. Michelle is exponentially more likable than Hillary and a thousand times more articulate than Kamala. I've said it for eight years: Michelle Obama is the most powerful weapon the Democrats have. Now, if Jill "Oz, the Great and Powerful" Biden decided to come out from behind the curtain and admit she's the one who has been running things, that would be a shake-up no one would be expecting, least of all the furniture upholstery industry. #SorryNotSorry


The conventions will come and go, candidates will be named, campaigns will continue, and we will continue to entertain possibilities until Election Day. But there is a gigantic elephant in the room that everyone is trying to ignore. It's something that no one on either side wants to say out loud because no one wants to be accused of calling or wishing for violence or tragedy — especially not me nor any of my colleagues in the commentary business. But it's what everyone is thinking: what happens if a candidate dies?

Both Joe Biden and Donald Trump are elderly. They have entered the later years of their lives, and it pains me to say that. The adage "the hardest part of growing up is watching your parents grow old" is true. My parents are not terribly far behind them in years, and I struggle with their mortality. Every time my father calls, panic rises. It is not unreasonable or malicious to ask the question, especially not as voters deciding the leadership of our country. Natural causes are natural, after all.

Only after Election Day, when we know which ticket is victorious, will we know the order of succession. But until then, nothing is certain. That, dear readers, is why we must do everything in our power to elect President Trump in November. 

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