Star Wars Fans Rejoice! It’s Time for Force Friday II!

It’s that time again — Star Wars fans worldwide are heading to their local toy shops to pick up the first wave of brand new goodies that tie into Star Wars: The Last Jedi, which opens in theaters on December 15. Wookies, and droids, and Stormtroopers, oh my!


The Disney merchandising machine is attempting to brand the newest wave of Star Wars stuff like it’s a recurring holiday, but in any case, there are plenty of cool things lining the shelves for the “Force Friday II” event. You can find your standard action figures of returning characters like C-3PO, Chewbacca, and BB-8, as well as a handful of newcomers, such as Rose Tico and Supreme Leader Snoke, but there are far more interesting things out there, such as the new Star Wars branded Toshiba Smart TV:

If a TV that features X-Wings around the borders isn’t your thing, how about fun new Sphero toys of R2-D2 and BB-8’s First Order counterpart, BB-9E?

I tried my best to warn you all that the Porgs were coming, and if you need a Furby-like electronic version that chirps and waddles around your home, this little fuzzy creature will set you back $40:


Craftier kids, and kids at heart, might want to spring for the Droid Inventor Kit from littleBits, which allows the user to create their own custom droid using the various parts included in the set.

There’s nearly something for every kind of Star Wars fan, ranging from LEGO sets and dog toys, to apparel and food tie-ins, and everything in between. But since they haven’t come out with any new aliens for The Last Jedi, I’ll just have to settle for this slick new Admiral Ackbar action figure set:

No, wait — that’s exactly what Disney wants me to do! Hold on to your wallets, people! IT’S A TRAP!


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