Are You Brave Enough for Jaws on the Water?

Image via Twitter/Devon Day Wellbrock

Whoever came up with the idea for screening the Jaws movies to an audience floating in inner tubes on open water is a genius who deserves every penny they rake in this summer.


From now until July 23, the Alamo Drafthouse is hosting a celebration of the classic creature features that drove viewers out of the water and into the theater, by throwing them back into the water to enjoy all four Jaws movies.

This weekly event takes place in Leander, Texas, where patrons receive a shark-themed inner tube to float in the calm waters of Lake Travis at Volente Beach Water Park as they try to keep their cool while great white sharks tear it up on the beachside big screen after dark. From the Birth.Movies.Death website:

Besides showing Spielberg’s masterpiece, this year we’re also diving deeper into the JAWS mythos with these special screenings on separate nights:

JAWS 2, for one night only!

JAWS 3, screened one night only in 3D, where the action bites back!

JAWS: THE REVENGE, the much-maligned series finale that bought Michael Caine a house, hosted by Alamo favorites, Master Pancake Theater.


Jaws is an absolute classic, and while I know for a fact that Jaws 2 stinks like low tide, “Jaws on the Water” looks like a ton of fun. Not only do monster movie fans get to appreciate these classics with friends in a truly unforgettable setting, they’ll have some truly special memories if one of the lake’s supersized catfish ends up brushing against someone’s leg during a shark attack scene!

If you live in the area, or are a mega-fan of the Jaws movies, I’d totally recommend checking it out this month — IF YOU DARE!



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