5 Tips to Get That Hot Date, Even if You’re Not a Hottie or a Hunk

There is good news for the millions out there who won’t turn heads as they walk down the street. Love can still be yours, and with the stunning guy or gal of your dreams. Incredible hunks and hotties often marry partners who seem less than equal to them in looks. That could be you, but you have to earn it.


Maybe you’re a bit overweight — just a bit — and you don’t have a six pack. Maybe your hair is thinning and your forehead is growing larger by the day, even though you’re still in your twenties. There is hope — you can still attract a woman who will love you for who you are, not what you look like, so long as you are a good person, which is the most important thing in any relationship.

There’s also hope for you ladies out there — even if you’re a little plump, never outgrew your training bra, and don’t look like a fantastic blue-eyed natural Scandinavian blonde. Prince Charming can still be yours, with these helpful tips.

1. Flattery Will Get You Everywhere

Flattery is an important tool, but you have to be subtle about it. When you find the guy or girl of your dreams, find out what he or she is most proud of. If your hunk thinks he’s an intellectual, even if he isn’t, tell him you’ve learned something. Be careful not to overdo it, or be too blatant in your praise, but a few confidence boosters never hurt anyone, and they will make your soulmate grateful.

2. Listen, Listen, Listen

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When chatting up your would-be significant other, make sure to ask a lot of questions. Watch yourself — avoid doing the majority of the talking. Let her talk about herself, and encourage more and more. Be sure to answer her questions about you, but prioritize making her feel special. And if you’re really paying attention to what’s important to her, you’ll learn how to get even closer.


3. Don’t Be Afraid of the “Friend Zone”

One key to a successful romantic relationship is to build upon friendship. Showing that you trust him and are trustworthy is important in both arenas. Care for him, and demonstrate it. Genuine concern fuels the relationship and grows with it.

4. Find Common Interests

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The more you have in common, the more opportunities for attraction. If you enjoy skiing, biking, sailing, or running — and know she does too — invite her to tag along! Not only will you both have a good time, but she will associate doing the things she loves with spending time with you. If you are both fans of a specific football team, or even if you each like rival teams, it might be a good idea to invite her over to watch a game. Maybe the first time, you both bring friends, but in time, fun events like this can lead to other things.

5. Be Confident in Yourself

You are an attractive person, and if the guy you like really is Prince Charming, he will be able to see it. If the hunk you like is on a higher scale in the looks department, don’t let him feel that way. Find your positive qualities and enhance them: If you’re a woman with beautiful eyes, subtly accent them with makeup. If you’re a guy who enjoys weightlifting, keep honing those biceps.


Don’t forget to be genuinely interested in him or her, and be sure not to come across as bragging or prideful — but your valentine will also feel more confident if you act that way yourself.

Many hunks and hotties have friends who are less outwardly attractive, but if you play your cards right, you can sneak past the “friend zone” into a romantic relationship. The key is to build a close relationship so that your would-be significant other won’t be able to think of ever losing you. Just make sure the switch to romance is natural — don’t pressure the person into dating you.

If you are beautiful on the inside, that attractiveness will radiate on the outside. Even if you are not beautiful or handsome like a model, the person who really matters will be able to see your true value. In matters of the heart, the most important thing isn’t looks, but your ability to have a relationship.


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