The Chris Cuomo Saga Is Far From Over

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As I was waiting for my flight to be de-iced Saturday before takeoff, a few folks texted me that CNN had terminated Chris Cuomo’s employment, converting his suspension into a permanent arrangement.


This, of course, was no surprise, and probably the right decision. But unsurprisingly, CNN has handled the situation poorly throughout.

The suspension and termination followed news that Cuomo had participated in a fraternal love-fest with his brother, former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo. To promote a concocted image of effectiveness during the COVID-19 pandemic — not to mention his sexual harassment scandal — throughout last year, the elder Cuomo frequently appeared on his brother’s show with the full approval of CNN management.

After his service as an advisor to his brother was exposed several months ago, the younger Cuomo apologized for his work with the governor’s staff. Yet new evidence released last week suggests that Chris Cuomo’s apology was not entirely forthright. CNN retained counsel to undertake an investigation to review the evidence, and according to their “media correspondent“ Brian Stelter, the firm submitted its findings to management Friday, making the investigation complete.

But considering CNN’s ambiguous statement on Cuomo’s termination, and a new woman coming forward to accuse Cuomo of sexual misconduct, the story appears far from over.


If CNN wants to uphold its dwindling integrity as a news outlet, they should explain what they knew, when they knew it, and, most importantly, why they pretended not to know it. I doubt we’ll find out any time soon. CNN will set the terms and limits of the investigation, and has it not even released the name of the law firm conducting the investigation.

To an outsider observer, it seems CNN had to first suspend and then terminate Chris Cuomo, mainly to keep up its appearance as a legitimate news outlet and its undying service to the Democratic Party. That doesn’t make it much of a news network.

Investigations into this drama should continue.

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