Surgeon General Responds to Biden Being Overruled on Mandates

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While public health “experts” warn of a yet another COVID winter surge, and the White House faces legal battles over vaccine mandates, U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy joined “Fox News Sunday” to discuss matters with host Chris Wallace.


Murthy seemed concerned about the consequences if mandates are permanently scrapped.

“I think it would be a setback for public health,” he said. “What we know very clearly is that when people get vaccinated – and the more people who get vaccinated, the quicker we’re able to bring this pandemic to an end — the more lives that we can ultimately save.”

An end? Even the New York Times admitted Friday what most Americans have long known: “The bottom line is that Covid now presents the sort of risk to most vaccinated people that we unthinkingly accept in other parts of life.”

The surgeon general argued that vaccine requirements “work remarkably well” and that some businesses have already moved forward without a mandate by requiring employees to be immunized.

The statement appears more political than science-based, since it lacks consideration for the importance of free choice as determined by patient and doctor. At its most basic, the doctor-patient decision is a private decision, having nothing to do with partisan politics.


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In a strong opinion that directly invoked the White House’s nefarious actions, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled Friday evening that the mandate was both overly inclusive, by not taking into account differences in workplace settings, and exclusionary, by looking to protect workers in larger companies “from a ‘grave danger’ in the workplace,” while at the same time “making no attempt to shield employees” at companies whose workforce numbers miss the cutoff.


“Rather than a delicately handled scalpel, the mandate is a one-size-fits-all sledgehammer that makes hardly any attempt to account for differences in workplace,” the New Orleans-based court said.

Wallace pertinently asked, “If public safety is the issue, how do you balance the drive for more vaccinations with the fact that police and health care workers in a number of cities are walking off of the jobs?”


“What I think is important to appreciate in the broader picture is that the vast, vast majority of people across this country, vast majority of workers are, in fact, in line with and will be in compliance with the general requirements,” Murthy claimed. “We’ve already seen that in the businesses that have put these requirements in place.”

Finally asked about the controversy surrounding NFL quarterback Aaron Rodgers, the surgeon general quipped, “We are not sole individuals entirely on our own. In any community, sometimes our decisions do affect other people.”

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