NBA Player Schools Christiane Amanpour on Slave Labor in China

Ju Peng/Xinhua via AP

In an era of narcissism and cowardice, the bravest athlete in American sports won’t relent.

Enes Kanter excoriated the NBA and Nike again this week for not standing up to China over human rights abuses being perpetrated by the communist country.


During his appearance on “Amanpour & Company,” Kanter questioned whether the feckless NBA was on his side about speaking out against China’s fascistic actions in Tibet, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and toward the Uighurs.

The Boston Celtics’ center also accused Nike of lying when it claims China is not using slave labor to produce its products.

Kanter, who fearlessly spoke out out several times against China’s rogue actions in October, told the left-wing CNN/PBS host that his longstanding criticism of the authoritarians overseeing his native Turkey garnered scant attention from the NBA, while speaking out one time against Communist China brought him a phone call from the league.

Amanpour, an anti-Israel stooge who apologizes for theocratic Iran, asked Kanter why he continues to criticize Nike despite the company’s (faux) claim that it follows all “international labor standards” when producing its products in China.


“Nike, obviously, is the biggest sponsor for NBA. And two years ago when all the Black Lives Matter happened, Nike was one of the first companies out there, was standing with Black Lives Matter,” Kanter said. “Nike stands with Stop Asian Hate. Nike stands with LGBTQ community. Nike stands with Latino community. But when it comes to China, Nike remains silent because China is the big boss for Nike. They’re one of the biggest hypocrite companies in the world.”

When Amanpour audaciously claimed Nike has denied using Chinese slave labor, Kanter fired back, “It’s a total lie. Everyone in the world knows that there are so many slave labor camps over there in China and many other countries that Nike is profiting from. So that was one of the biggest reasons that I put on my shoes, ‘Modern Day Slavery’ and ‘Hypocrite Nike,’ just because they’re profiting from slave labor camps.”

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“It’s just disgusting to me to see all the Nike athletes standing up and calling themselves a social justice warrior and still can wear these items on their shoe, on their feet and on their back when on these items there is so much blood and sweat and oppression,” Kanter added. “And to me, if you’re a Nike athlete, to me, you’re a hypocrite.”


While doing this interview, noxious NBA star LeBron James, who makes billions kowtowing to Nike and China, was mocking a teenage boy on trial for murder.

James is the same leftist hypocrite who tries to get police officers assassinated, concocts racial hoaxes, and yet is lauded by the media. In the sports world today, it seems fatuousness is rewarded, while courage is mocked or downplayed.

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