Fed Up: Radical Left DA Chesa Boudin to Face June Recall

AP Photo/Jeff Chiu

Even the left is fed up with rogue progressive politicians who are anti-police, soft on crime, and in many cases pro-criminal.

As I explained three months ago, a child of militant Marxist terrorists is San Francisco’s district attorney.


Voted into office effectively on a criminals’ first agenda, Chesa Boudin promised to end mass incarceration and cash bail, prosecute police, never assist ICE, and more.

Angry with the atmosphere of chaos that has ensued the last two years — the rise in violence, property crimes, prostitution, open-air drug usage, public defecation and urination, and never-ending homeless encampments — a grassroots group, spearheaded by Democrats, has placed a recall measure on the 2022 ballot.

And despite what local media believes about this “dangerous joke,” pushback truly is not coming from “right-wing Republicans.” Former President Donald Trump barely received 10% of the vote in San Francisco last November.

Safer SF Without Boudin is a group led by Democrats that needed to attract 30,000 signatures to put the recall measure on the June ballot. They’ve obtained nearly 100,000.

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Former Assistant District Attorney Brooke Jenkins and former Prosecutor Don du Bain, both progressives who resigned their roles under Boudin, have joined the recall effort. Boudin fired many of the city’s most experienced prosecutors upon taking office.


With burglaries the new normal across the Bay Area, conditions have gotten so bad that the San Francisco Chronicle even published a piece last week pondering whether residents should simply tolerate robberies.

So, will deteriorating life, thanks to woke madness, lead to a change in what once was a fine city? Those lying about the noble effort apparently hope not.

Since San Francisco is not going to promote Republicans anytime soon, a pro-law enforcement Democrat  — perhaps like incoming New York City Mayor Eric Adams — may be a slow start to restore normalcy.



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