Bernie Sanders Proves He's Still a Stalinist Thug

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With Kamala Harris no longer in the upper chamber, Bernie Sanders took over the “dumbest senator in America” title this year, and he’s hard at work maintaining the crown.

The socialist began Wednesday by reiterating that “two people do not have the right to sabotage what 48 want and what the president of the United States wants.”

This moronic statement could be dispelled by an alert kindergartener.

First, two people are not holding up the other 48; it’s 52 people, though I realize the Vermonter probably doesn’t consider Republicans to be humans.

And second, it does not matter “what the president of the United States wants” because Joe Biden has no vote in Congress.

Bernie has a low IQ but he still knows this. Yet as someone whose supporters are mostly children, he wants what he wants now. This is the person Democrats put in charge of their budget strategy with a split Senate. I can’t imagine why they are struggling.

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Later, word broke that Sanders refused to condemn left-wing agitators who followed his Senate colleague into a bathroom and filmed her.

The Axios report said, “The move is emblematic of the hostility between the progressive and moderate members, who have been sparring over the cost and scope of President Biden’s agenda.”

These actions expose Bernie Sanders for the Stalinist scumbag he is.

Apparently learning from Soviet methods, Sanders withheld support for a joint statement supporting Sen. Kyrsten Sinema because it wouldn’t bash the Arizona Democrat’s unacceptable political views.

Sanders’ communications director requested the statement be changed to include, “While we hope Sen. Sinema will change her position on prescription drug reform and support a major [budget] reconciliation bill…”

Politics come first, last, and always for totalitarians.

Emails show Sen. Cory Booker, who organized the statement, declined those edits, causing the Sanders aide to retort that the octogenarian would not include his name.

Along with Booker, Democrat Sens. Catherine Cortez Masto, Dick Durbin, Amy Klobuchar, Joe Manchin, Chuck Schumer, Mark Warner, and Elizabeth Warren all signed onto the statement.

The message to Sinema from Bolshevik Bernie seems to be, “Shut up or the harassment shall continue.”

Sanders is not only a socialist but also an ignorant bum who doesn’t understand basic economics, loathes America’s role in the world, and, so far as I’ve seen, never had an original idea. He is particularly dangerous because he believes his own hokum.

Even at age 80, the senator buys Marxist claptrap that’s destroyed societies for centuries. Perhaps this is why he’s failed in presidential runs, and his 2020 aspirations ended so abruptly with a startling collapse.




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