Cleveland Indians Get Scalped by Woke Culture

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After nearly 17,000 games, the Cleveland baseball team played their final game as the Indians Sunday afternoon. The iconic nickname since 1915 will be change to “Guardians” next season for no good reason other than politics and a weak owner bullied by the woke mob.


”The team announced the name change earlier this year in the wake of a nationwide reckoning over racist names and symbols. For some, the change was overdue. Others still aren’t ready,” the AP wrote Sunday, with no proof of the first statement. “When ‘Take Me Out to The Ballgame’ was played during the seventh-inning stretch, Cleveland fans shouted ‘root, root, root for the Indians!’ as if to send a message.”

The Indians won their final game, 6-0, over Texas.

Shoeless Joe Jackson was in the starting lineup for the 1915 season opener when Cleveland played for the first time as the Indians. The franchise was known as the Blues, Broncos, and the Naps from their official founding in 1902 through 1914.

The Indians had only two home ballparks over the last 90 years, and when the current stadium opened in April 1994, I was in attendance with my grandfather.

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Cleveland won the 1920 and 1948 World Series and came close to winning it all again in 1995, 1997, and 2016, only to lose in heartbreaking fashion each time.

Needless to say, many sentient folks realize the name change was unnecessary and objectively foolhardy.

“It is a shame because many Native American people took pride in the names Redskins and Indians, and it is only a very vocal minority who claimed to be offended that worked to spur this change. The stance that this vocal minority took to the use of these names backfired because their being offended was a show of weakness that belied the very characteristics of strength and resiliency that these names were intended to project,” former NFL player, coach, and executive Judd Garrett, who was raised in Cleveland, wrote on his website last week. ”The most pressing question is, how does this help the people of Native American descent? It doesn’t. Not one of their lives will be improved by changing these names. It does not fix the poverty, the unemployment, the failing schools, the scourge of addiction that many Native Americans have to live with every day. All those problems will be as real next week, as they were in June of 2020 when the name Redskins was put into mothballs forever. There is not one of the 5.2 million Native Americans who can point to one thing in their life that is better today because of that change, not one. This is the height of liberal virtue signaling. Doing something without doing something.”


Cleveland’s first game as the Guardians will be March 31 against Kansas City.


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Credit Ari J. Kaufman


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