Andrew Cuomo Commutes Sentence of Weather Underground Terrorist

AP Photo/David Handschuh, File


When not abandoning his dog en route to his sister’s house, disgraced former New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo handed out four commutations on his final day in office, with one grabbing the most attention.


David Gilbert, a former Weather Underground terrorist and father of far-left San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin, is now eligible for parole.

Gilbert is 40 years into a 75-years-to-life sentence for stealing nearly $2 million in cash and killing three people — two of them police officers — in upstate New York. Gilbert was convicted on three counts of second-degree murder and four counts of first-degree robbery for his role in the heinous 1981 crimes.

Cuomo referred Gilbert to the Parole Board and praised his “significant contributions to AIDS education and prevention programs” along with his work as a tutor, library clerk, paralegal assistant, and various programs. Boudin had lobbied Cuomo for his father’s release.

Judith Clark, another Weather Underground terrorist, who drove the getaway car during the deadly robbery, received a commutation from Cuomo a few years ago.

Former Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul became New York’s first female governor at midnight Tuesday morning.




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