Campus Clashes Erupt in Iran

Concentrated clashes took place yesterday between Allameh University students and the Basij paramilitary forces at the communications campus of Allameh Taba-tabaee University west of the city of Tehran.


According to sources inside the university, the unrest has not settled yet and the regime’s IRGC armored division has surrounded the campus by placing armored vehicles all around the troubled building.

Students chanting “Death to the Dictator” could be heard from a distance away. In some instance, local residents have came out in support of the students and against the regime forces.
(A video of students’ protest against Ahmadinejad in Tehran, after his Columbia University visit earlier this month is here)

On Tuesday, October 30th, 2007 the security forces arrested about twenty students from the same college, for protesting against the Islamic government actions against students.

All but three of the students arrested were released after signing prearranged repentance expressing remorse and agreeing to forfeit their civil rights if they reoffend.

Three of these students have refused to sign such documents which could turn into their legal death sentences if framed or arrested by the government agents again.

For that reason and other unspoken interests, the Ministry of Intelligence ordered the three students to be transferred to one of their undisclosed locations – presumably for interrogation and torture designed to break their spirits.


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