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Essential Writer #1: This Guy

Over at SmashCulture.com, former PJMedia editor David Swindle has started to write about “Essential Writers.” Up first — because presumably the most essentially essential:


Andrew Klavan has worn many writer’s hats over the years: hard-boiled thriller novelist, Hollywood screenwriter, essayist for The Wall Street Journal and contributing editor for City Journal, longtime new media innovator in blogging, hilarious YouTube videos, podcasting at the Daily Wire, and now celebrated memoirist with The Great Good Thing: A Secular Jew Comes to Faith in Christ.

The Great Good Thing offers tremendous insight in this regard too. While the book is outwardly concerned with the question of Klavan’s religious transformation from secular agnostic “cultural Jew” to Christian believer, it also offers equal insights on his journey as a writer, revealing the influences and practices that shaped him…

Read the whole thing here. It’s essential.

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