Liars at Media Matters Lie About Bill Whittle

George Soros mouthpiece Media Matters has unleashed a disgusting and dishonest attack against my pal Bill Whittle. In a deceptively worded post entitled “Meet the NRA’s Resident Academic Racist,” MM suggests that Bill — who’s recently become a commentator for NRATV — accepts theories that blacks are genetically inferior. They seize on an exchange between Bill and commentator Stefan Molyneux, whose work, I must confess, I’m only vaguely familiar with.


Molyneux was discussing ideas from Charles Murray’s The Bell Curve, a book that examines correlations between IQ and social problems. The book cites persistently lower IQ scores among blacks and, at one point, Murray says it’s possible there’s a genetic component to the trend.

As Molyneux is discussing this, Bill breaks in to explain that such discussions shouldn’t be taken as hostile but should be seen as ways to explore the truth in order to help people live better lives. At no time does he accept the genetic theory. He merely explains why discussion shouldn’t be feared or silenced, and emphasizes his desire to see all Americans happy. He also, touchingly, confesses that in the past he himself exhibited many bad behaviors associated with low IQ, subtly throwing doubt on Molyneux’s assertions since Bill is anything but low IQ.

Now, personally, I’m not a big IQ botherer because I’ve met so many high IQ idiots, and several lower IQ sages. And I don’t know enough about genetics to comment on what causes what or how quickly genetic properties can be changed (does anyone?). I am anti-racist because man is made in the image of God and God commands us to love Him and our neighbor. At least, I read that somewhere and it sounded good to me.


What I do know is Bill Whittle. I’ve worked with Bill for years and we’ve made hundreds of videos together and have talked at length behind the scenes about virtually everything. I’ve seen the look of scorn and disgust that crosses Bill’s face whenever racist views are aired. I’ve heard him discuss how absurd and ridiculous racism is — in private, when there was no one around to praise his decency. The guy could not care less what race people are and he disdains those who use race as a pretext for hatred.

The left has been using this despicable charge to silence those who disagree with them for as along as I can remember. When they sling it at a guy like Bill they cover themselves in shame. But what do you expect from the folks at Media Matters? They are lying trash.


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