Christian Toto: New Hollywood Blacklist is Outrage-Free

Hollywood has made approximately 7-bajillion 850-gazillion movies about the Hollywood blacklist of Soviet sympathizers in the 1950’s and, to be fair, a movie about the Soviet gulags…  or wait, maybe not. But Christian Toto at Hollywood in Toto is reporting on the mysterious tale of a Hollywood blacklist that no one even mentions:


If someone in the movie business lost a job due to his or her skin color social media would rise up in anger.

Venomous tweets. Righteous social media memes. And, if things really heat up, a hashtag campaign. The same holds true if a worker got passed over because of gender or religious beliefs.

Who wouldn’t support that cause?

What about someone losing a job due to voting for a Republican? Would that inspire outrage? Anger? Shock?

Find out the fascinating answer right here.



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