The Secret History: Obama Is a Nincompoop

Whenever you put forward an idea that enrages both the left and the right, you can feel pretty certain you've come close to the truth.

A while back — I can no longer locate the post — I advanced the notion that Barack Obama is a hapless schmuck. The theory was greeted with derision from both sides. Leftists, of course, were furious because it's clear to them that even their president's failures are a product of his genius. He's just too smart for the rest of us to comprehend what it is he's doing. Rightists were upset because I had offended their certainty that Obama is evil. Clearly every disaster of his administration was the result of his careful planning. He hated America so much that he had schemed and connived to lose her wars and damage her economy, and what a brilliant job he'd done.

They were wrong. I was right. The man's a nincompoop. An economy that should be in a booming recovery has stalled. A war that was fought and won when Obama took office has to be fought all over again. The "Arab spring" has spiraled into an endless winter of discontent after the administration mishandled nearly every uprising in every nation. The most plausible explanation is neither genius nor evil, merely the incompetence of a boob.