What's Right About #NeverTrump

Last week Paul Ryan and Donald Trump began an interpretive dance that will end with a show of party unity. That it is just a dance is indicated by its practical uselessness: since Trump is not a man of his word, what words could he possibly say that could reasonably change Ryan's mind about him? But since Ryan is the highest-ranking Republican and disunity hurts the party, the speaker of the House will continue to move to unify as much as he's able. That's his job.

But not my job. My job is standing up for Truth, Justice and the American way. Even when I'm in my street clothes.

While I have not yet aligned myself with the #NeverTrump camp — I'm wary of absolute declarations in an unpredictable world  — my sympathies lie that way. I have heard the argument that a non-vote for Trump is a vote for Hillary, and I actually think it has more moral weight than the #NeverTrumpers admit. Hillary is a nightmare — a deeply corrupt leftist whose heart seems empty of everything but the will to power — whereas Trump is a deeply corrupt populist whose heart seems empty of everything but the will to power and so might occasionally do the right thing. That's something, I guess.

But the fact is, Donald Trump's policies, whatever they are today, are not what worry me about him. Given the opposition, even his lies don't stand out as particularly special. What makes Trump especially repugnant to me — repugnant enough to make even the unacceptable Hillary slightly less unacceptable — is his tendency toward violence.