Klavan On The Culture

Good News! Hollywood Is Fair to Us Now!

For years, I have been declaiming against the Democrat bias in Hollywood films. The moment a Republican steps onto the screen, you can be sure he is a bigot or a villain. I remember watching a second-rate thriller called Perfect Stranger on the TV in a hotel room several years ago. It opened with Halle Berry’s investigative reporter walking into a Republican senator’s office. The moment I saw the (R) on the senator’s door, I turned to my wife and said, “He opposes gay marriage but sleeps with boys.” When two minutes later this turned out to be the startling twist, my wife said, “How did you know?” I knew because, in the minds of most Hollywood screenwriters, that description fits all Republican senators.

Even when the insults — or “sucker punches” as Breitbart’s John Nolte calls them — aren’t quite so obvious, you can be sure the assumptions embedded in most movie storylines will be reliably Democrat (i.e. leftist). Capitalism is destructive, soldiers are victims, America has done no good in the world outside of defeating Hitler, housewives are desperate and anyone who dares to express conservative opinions or belong to the Republican Party must be a vulgar, racist, misogynist pig.

But now — huzzah! — Republicans are striking back! We’re on track to nominate Donald Trump as our presidential candidate, and he actually is a vulgar, racist, misogynist pig! So now Hollywood’s depictions of us won’t be biased anymore! They’ll be perfectly reasonable and fair!


The other day, I was interviewed by the Daily Beast‘s openly left-wing media reporter Asawin Suebsaeng. I think he was looking for some inside dope for this story on Ann Coulter. I wouldn’t give it to him and he didn’t quote me in the piece. But in the midst of our more-or-less friendly fencing match, Swin said to me, “If a Republican character like Donald Trump had appeared years ago on, say, The West Wing, even I would have protested it as a biased depiction of Republicans!”

Well, protest no more! Through the miracle of Donald Trump, left-wing Hollywood can no longer insult or debase us enough to actually describe us. Our long battle against Hollywood bias is over! We have defeated them by becoming exactly what they said we were.