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David's Sling

A beautifully-made new coffee table book from Encounter, David’s Sling: A History of Democracy in Ten Works of Art, is the work of an impressive lady. Victoria C. Gardner Coates is not only a Ph.D. in Italian renaissance studies, she also served as Director of Research for Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, and is now senior foreign policy advisor to the Senator Ted Cruz presidential campaign.

Her book then, as you might expect, is not just pretty to look at but also fascinating to read. It follows the fleeting spirit of freedom through western history — from Greece to Rome to Venice to Florence and on — by studying some of the seminal works of art that represented it — the Parthenon, Michelangelo’s David, etc.

I interviewed Dr. Coates on my podcast last week. A fascinating and articulate guest. The interview begins around the sixteen minute mark. You can find it at the link.