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Nolte: "Hollywood is Bubble-Dumb."

Man oh man, I love me some John Nolte over at Breitbart. I should’ve let the air out of his tires before I let him leave L.A., but he was driving too fast.

Recently, the Noltenator bashed movie trade paper The Hollywood Reporter for not considering the fact that Seth Rogen’s obscene (and stupid) attack on Dr. Ben Carson may have killed box office for Steve Jobs. To THR’s credit, they gave Nolte a chance to make his case in their pages (THR’s Paul Bond has always been a smart, fair guy). And make his case Nolte did — did he ever. A great interview:

Is there any evidence that conservatives shunned Steve Jobs over Rogen’s tweet?
Hollywood is the only business I know of that doesn’t worry about what the face of their product says. If Mr. Whipple or Ronald McDonald said Christians are Nazis, and people who oppose gay marriage are evil, and f— Ben Carson, the people in those industries would worry about selling less toilet paper and hamburgers. But in Hollywood, Mr. Whipple — in this case, Seth Rogen — can attack 50 percent of the customers, and it’s believed it doesn’t affect the bottom line.

So then, how much did Rogen’s tweet cost at the box office?
I don’t know. But it’s just anti-science to think it didn’t hurt the movie. I have more evidence than the box-office experts have when it comes to theories about what hurt the movie. What they believe was already baked into the prediction. I’m talking about an event that happened between their predictions and the flop. It’s ridiculous that these experts aren’t saying, “Gee, everyone predicted it would do this much, but it only did this much. Everyone knew about the platform release and that Steve Jobs was oversaturated and about this and about that, and then it bombed, so what happened between the prediction and the bomb?” But nobody is asking that. I’ll tell you what happened: Seth Rogen told one of the most popular men in the country to f— off. That’s relevant…

Did it occur to Seth Rogen that he may be insulting some of his fans with that tweet?
It’s the Pauline Kael thing — “Nobody I know voted for Nixon.” People in Hollywood are smart, but they’re bubble-dumb. They’re never challenged, and they don’t know anyone who disagrees with them, and so they saw Carson as this black apostate and figured everyone feels the same way. Rogen thought, everyone in Hollywood will love his tweet because it’s so ballsy. Of course, doing something everyone loves isn’t ballsy at all, but that’s another topic. What he didn’t think — because he’s bubble-dumb — is that there’s a whole world out there, and Ben Carson is more popular than Hillary Clinton, and he’s been a folk hero in the black community for 20 years. Rogen is a provincial. He doesn’t understand the rest of the world.

Can I get an amen? Read the whole thing here. Not to be missed.

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