Who's Hillary?

Can You Spot Her?

Remember those Where's Waldo? books that were popular a while back? On each page, there was a cartoon crowd scene and you had to scan the various figures until you found Waldo, the guy in the wool hat and the striped sweater? They should put out a new book called Who's Hillary? On each page, there'd be dozens of drawings of Hillary and you'd have to figure out which was the real one? If any.

There could be the hip, self-mocking Hillary we were treated to on Saturday Night Democrat Toady — I mean Live! — the other night. There could be the indignant Hillary who tried to weasel out of fair questions on the Today show. There could be Grandma Hillary who just can't make heads nor tails of those danged email servers — what do you, wipe em with a cloth er sumpin? There could be southern-accent Hillary, and African American Hillary and teary-eyed Hillary...  Hey, if it doesn't work as a book we can always make it a line of dolls!