The Last Trump (Post by me)

Last time I wrote about Donald Trump, I received comments that read to me like this:

“You’re an establishment elitist, Klavan! We’re angry, you hear? So we’re going to vote for a liberal RINO who’s sure to get Hillary Clinton elected! That’ll show em! Yeah!”


Fortunately, I managed to convince myself that such comments came from lefty trolls pretending to be conservatives because to believe for even a moment that some conservatives might actually be thinking at the level of lefty trolls pretending to be conservatives…  well, that way madness lies.

And really, I’ve said everything I have to say about Trump and, more importantly, Jonah Goldberg and Kevin D. Williamson at National Review have said everything I have to say about Trump. But I do want to add one quick addendum to my previous comments.

Donald Trump’s candidacy is a creation of the mainstream news media in the same way that Godzilla is a creation of a reckless nuclear blast: it’s an unintended side effect of a destructive cloud. In this case, we’re talking about a news media cloud of lies, a cloud in which the president of the United States can corrupt both the IRS and the Justice Department, leave our people dead in Benghazi, effectively deal weapons to Iranian terrorists and repeatedly ignore the constitutional structures that keep us free, all without consequence…  but if Marco Rubio takes a sip of water during a speech, CNN wonders if that’s a “career-ender”?


The result of this cloud of media corruption is a GOP leadership that is terrified of taking any action that the media will report as extreme, which is any and every action that serves the people who elected the GOP leadership. Guys like Mitch McConnell and John McCain have clearly begun to feel that their job is to appease the people they serve while serving the people who report on them. They have lost their true purpose and their moral courage and their political principles. We have given them majorities in both houses and they’ve accomplished nothing. They are frozen with fear.

Along comes Trump. Donald Trump has mastered the art of telling the truth without actually being honest. That is, he can talk about the Mexican criminals coming over our borders or deride Obama’s failed presidency or strike out at the press in direct and uncompromising ways that make even my heart leap a little…  while at the same time concealing from us who he is and what, in fact, he would do if elected, all of which is left wing and bad.

It’s the sound of Trump that excites us, that human sound of a man saying what he means. Senator Ted Cruz has just as much courage as Trump and a hundred times more principle. President Rubio or Walker would accomplish in their first year ten times more good than President Trump would in the yooogest term imaginable. But Cruz and Rubio and Walker can’t make that noise Trump makes, that noise that seems to break through the thickening fog of corrupt left-wing news media distortion.


We’re tired of Republicans cowering and apologizing and backtracking because they know the Democrat press defines the terms of the debate. Our country’s news media are the enemies of the people and the enemies of the constitution. Trump is the wrong man to fight them, but at least he knows who and what they are. If the other Republicans can learn anything from him, it’s that.


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