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Anger Is Making Us Stupid

"Hillary’s a great friend of mine. Her husband is a great friend of mine. They’re fantastic people. I mean, they’re — you know, the thing, they get a bad knock. She’s a very nice woman. People think, tough, tough. And I guess she’s tough, but she’s a very nice woman. And he’s a very nice guy. We know all about the smarts and how smart they are, and all, but they are good people."  Donald Trump

"Fear is the path to the dark side," said Yoda. "Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering."

The glorified muppet had a point. I've been watching Republicans cheer for Donald Trump, the pro-amnesty, pro-government healthcarefriend of Hillary Clinton, and all-around Democrat backer, who, it seems pretty likely, is running for president to bleed off enough Republican support to ensure the Democrat candidate's election.

Why are Republicans supporting a man who, for all his millions, can't even buy himself a decent hairpiece? Because he said something that sounded sort of kind of nasty about all the Mexican criminals pouring into the country and then refused to back down when the corporate left pulled its usual Frankenstein mob scene to shut him up.

Why does that do it for us though? Why should some sort of nasty-sounding remarks make us support a RINO clown who doesn't believe in anything we believe and can only help Hillary? I'll let Jonah Goldberg explain it. He's almost as wise as Yoda, much taller and slightly better looking:

The base of the party is angry. They’re angry about Obama’s lawless chicanery on immigration. They’re angry about the GOP’s patented inability to cross the street without stepping on its own d*ck and then having to apologize for it. They’re angry that the Left’s culture warriors are behaving like an invading army that shoots the survivors even after they’ve surrendered. They’re angry that Republicans have to bend over backward so as not to offend anyone, while Democrats have free rein (and at times free reign) to do and to say as they please.

Enter Trump, stage left. He makes no apologies. He’s brash. I can understand why some see him as a breath of fresh air.

Anyone who wants the truth about Trump should read this entire column. It's Jonah at his best which means it's as good as any political writing out there. In fact, the column is so good I have nothing to add to it except the following novelist's observation.