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Nick Searcy to Direct "Gosnell"

Credit: Breitbart.com

Well, the bad news for crime story fans is that Justified is in its final season, but the very good news for those same fans is that the mighty Nick Searcy, who brilliantly plays Chief Deputy U.S. Marshall Art Mullen on the show, has been chosen to direct the movie about abortionist killer (but I repeat myself) Kermit Gosnell, for which I wrote the script. This is from the Hollywood Reporter:


Gosnell, a movie about an infamous abortion doctor convicted of murder that is being financed via a crowdfunding campaign, has hired, as its director, Nick Searcy

Part of the story that Searcy, Klavan and the other filmmakers plan to tell is what some have likened to a press cover-up of Gosnell’s brutality. Journalist Megan McArdle, for example, wrote a mea culpa in 2013 published in the Daily Beast titled: “Why I didn’t write about Gosnell’s trial — and why I should have.” The article included a photo of rows of empty courtroom benches that had been reserved for the press.

“There are three aspects to this story that are fascinating,” said Searcy. “What happened; why it was allowed to happen; and why no one wanted to talk about it after it happened.”

Searcy, who has appeared in such films as MoneyballCast Away and Fried Green Tomatoes, actually made his directorial debut in 1997 with a low-budget feature called Paradise Falls. While a hit at several film festivals back then, a distribution deal was struck only recently and it will be released this year under a new title: Carolina Low.

“I am both excited and humbled by the opportunity to have a part in bringing this important American story to the screen,” Searcy said of Gosnell. “It is a story that many in Hollywood were unwilling to tell, and I am grateful to Ann [McElhinney], Phelim [McAleer], and Magdalena [Segieda] for having the courage to tell it.”


Nick is a terrific guy, a major talent, and one of the funniest tweeters on Twitter. You can follow him at @yesnicksearcy.

This would also be an excellent time to contribute what money you can to the script. Ann, Phelim and Magda plan to be filming by summer.


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