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Gamergate And My Shirt


I released a video this week in support of #Gamergate — the left’s corrupt attempt to game gaming journalism — and I was interested to hear from a lot of my fellow gamers who said, “No, no, we’re not conservatives like you. We just don’t like authoritarians.” Well, guess what, friends? All the authoritarians are on the left. All of them. The liberals and libertarians are mostly on the right.


I know a lot of gamers consider themselves lefties. But maybe they’re not paying enough attention. They’re like comedian Chris Rock. The other day Rock said he didn’t play college campuses anymore because they’d become too “conservative,” and wouldn’t let him make politically sensitive jokes. Guess what again? That’s not conservatism. Conservatives will let you make any jokes you want. They may not come to your show, but they won’t chase you away either. It’s the left, not the right, that Rock is having trouble with.

Which brings me to the shirt… which I’m wearing in the vid…  and which really highlights my lovely eyes by the way.  This, of course, is the shirt worn by Dr. Matt Taylor in an interview after he helped land a spacecraft on a comet in a triumph for mankind. He was bullied into an apology by a bunch of squealing feminist harridans, who had not just landed a spacecraft on a comet or done anything else for mankind, or womankind, ever. They didn’t like the pictures of babes in leather on the shirt. Sad panda.

PJM’s own Roger Kimball, who in his spare time runs and edits the best high culture journal in America, The New Criterion, has a lot to say about the shirt in this quarter’s issue :


The case of Dr. Taylor’s shirt may seem like little more than a bad joke. In fact, it is something more sinister. It is a vivid example of what happens when a self-enfranchised politically correct cadre sets about quashing freedom and eccentricity in the name of an always-evolving sensitivity. The goal, as one wag put it, is a testosterone-free society in which everything that is not mandatory is prohibited.

You can read the whole thing here.

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