MindWar: "Relentless Action"


There’s a really lovely review of my new YA novel MindWar in the highbrow Christian journal Books and Culture.  MindWar is the first book in a trilogy about Rick Dial, a former high school football hero who becomes an expert video gamer after a car wreck all but cripples him. Enlisted by a secret government agency, he is projected into a dangerous cyber world that has been designed by a terrorist to destroy America’s defenses.


Books and Culture editor John Wilson, writes:

When I was a boy, I loved adventure stories—anything featuring a murderous giant squid was a good bet—but I also liked to read my mom’s copies of Ladies’ Home Journal.) Friends with sons ask me to recommend good “boy books”: they can’t find enough of them.

One writer I point them to is Andrew Klavan, a masterful suspense novelist who branched out into Young Adult fiction a couple of years ago…

Wilson goes on to praise the novel’s “relentless action,” and concludes, “Most readers will be waiting impatiently for the second volume of the trilogy, Hostage Run, which is scheduled for publication in March 2015. Count me among those impatient readers.”

You can read the whole thing here.

You can buy the book here. And you can even pre-order the sequel! Come on, what are you waiting for?


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