Klavan On The Culture

New Year's Wishes and Resolutions

Politically, it is difficult to end 2013 on a high note. I’m not enough of a Leninist to rejoice in the practical destruction of the left’s programs when I know it means suffering for fellow citizens losing health insurance, earnings and freedom. There’s an old saying I made up: “When a man is going to shoot himself in the foot, make sure he’s not standing on your throat.” It’s hard to do this when the man is the president of the United States. I suppose, in the bitterness of one’s heart, one could say, well, we re-elected this clown, we have no one to blame for all this but ourselves. But an even older saying that I also made up is: “In a democracy, we get what they deserve.” That is to say, many didn’t vote for this, many didn’t know any better and many are foolish, scared, or unintelligent and don’t really deserve what Barack and his cronies are doing to their country whether they voted for him or not. Gentle soul that I am, I wouldn’t even wish leftism on a leftist.

But excelsior! A new year now begins. Let us hope the collapse of the administration’s agenda brings just enough pain to teach a new generation the benefits of small government, free markets and the American way. Let us hope Obama’s well-deserved and self-constructed humiliation is evident enough to remind his once-worshipful followers to put not their trust in princes. Let us hope that the right can avoid the circular firing squad and make inroads in both houses at the midterm election. Let us hope we can begin to turn the big ship of this great state around.

For myself, I spent much of this year buried in the writing of a new novel for adults. I think it’s the best I ever wrote and I hope to see it released in 2014. My new series for young adults should also begin publication this year. I have to finish writing that series, but I also plan to turn more attention to non-fiction writing in 2014. I’ve missed doing satirical videos and have wanted to find a new and exciting venue for them: I believe I have. There’s also a bigger non-fiction piece I want to do and I should have the proposal for that finished shortly. So, God willing, I look forward to a year of cool, new and original stuff to create.

My resolutions: seek truth, speak truth, hate no one, fear nothing. Also, eat well and work out a lot.

We’ll see how I do! Happy New Year from Klavan on the Culture.

“Rejoice in the Lord always; again I will say, rejoice. …do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.” Philippians 4