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More Pre-Pub Reviews for "Nightmare City"


I’ll be spending a lot of this week in a recording studio at Deyan Audio recording the audiobook for my new YA Thriller Nightmare City. Usually, I don’t record the books for young adults because I feel they need a younger voice, but this one is in the third person, so I thought it would be okay.

The pre-pub reviews for the book continue strong. I mentioned below that Publishers Weekly called it “intense,” “eerie,” “elegant,” and “well-crafted. Romantic Times — which nowadays goes by the name RT — had this to say:

“Klavan again hits readers with a story filled with such vivid imagery that one might find themselves looking over their shoulder to make sure they aren’t the one being followed… The writing is stellar, and readers who love Klavan’s previous works will not be disappointed with Nightmare City.”

And Booklist said: “Klavan retains his James Patterson–like gift for keeping pages turning, and the mystery behind it all… is a juicy one, and well handled.”

And did I mention the novel is still on pre-pub e-book sale on all platforms for only $3.99? Well, it is.