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Death Wish!


Out of the too-hilarious-for-a-joke file — and from the pro-life LifeNews.com — comes this delightful report on Chelsea Clinton's thoughts on the difficult lives of our ancestors:

From the stage at the recent Women Deliver conference, former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s daughter Chelsea revealed that her much-admired maternal grandmother was the child of unwed teenage parents who “did not have access to services that are so crucial that Planned Parenthood helps provide.”

Chelsea’s grandmother was born of an unintended pregnancy.

Anyone would be tempted to go for the cheap gag here — "I wish your grandmother had been aborted too, Chelsea!" — but the real point is that that's not the point at all. I don't wish my political opponents were dead or had never been born. I simply wish they would either 1) come to their senses or 2) lose elections so we don't 3) end up with crappy, corrupt, America-destroying administrations like the current one.

No, it's Chelsea here who, following thoughtlessly in the footsteps of her parents, is wishing herself right smack dab off the face of the earth! And that is very much the point.