Klavan On The Culture

Tragic Evil and Stupid Journalism

Despite various excuses and rationalizations, it seems pretty clear that the mainstream media failed in their obvious responsibility to cover the evil-drenched story of Philadelphia abortion doctor Kermit Gosnell because they feared it would reflect badly on the practice of abortion. Having shamelessly used the horrific Newtown massacre to push useless and unconstitutional infringements on our right to bear arms, the lefty press naturally assumed that those they despise would use the same sort of tactics here, shamelessly using baby murders to push legislation against…  well, baby murders.

Likewise, their coverage of the recent Boston massacre has been fraught with the same sort of anxiety. As I write, a suspect has been reported to be arrested — God send it’s the right one — but as we waited for law enforcement to do its work, speculation as to the possible motives of the bomber was powered by the question: Who will get to use this murder to make his case? Would those who see Islam as wicked get to point their fingers at the brain-dead multi-culturalist establishment? Would the media be forced to play down the murderers’ connections to Occupy Wall Street or the Democratic party? Would Chris Matthews get to draw false comparisons between white supremacy groups and the Tea Party? A particularly worthless look-at-me post at Salon was headlined “Let’s hope the Boston Marathon bomber is a white American.” Oh yes, let’s! It’s all just so suspenseful, isn’t it? Whose evil is it and who will get to turn it into political hay?

That all this eagerness to claim bragging rights over the dead is low and degraded and shameful goes without saying. But it’s stupid too. Whether we close our eyes to the Gosnell case or not, the nature of abortion will remain exactly what it is. Whether the Boston killer is a Muslim or not, a cancer of violence continues to eat into that religion, raising questions for its millions of innocent practitioners. White Supremacy is an ugly and despicable philosophy whether supremacists are the killers this time or not — and conflating the Tea Party with such bigotry will still be slander either way. And socialism is still stealing by force of government, whether or not the bombing is another in the long list of rotten acts by Occupiers.

And finally it’s our mainstream media’s commitment to tell only one side, to protect only one party, to make only one case, to decide for us what should be deduced from the details they provide and what should be hidden with those details they try to ignore — that’s what  makes them traitors to the basic principles of their profession, and they’ll be traitors to those principles whether their prejudices are borne out this particular time or not.

The truth stays true, eyes open or eyes shut.