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The New York Times Resurrects an Old Joke

She's off the hook!

You've probably heard this one; it's been around forever. A Dumb Guy is on a game show. He's being humiliated. He doesn't know anything. At the show's finale, the Host, feeling sorry for the man, feeds him an easy one just to bring his score into the plus column. "For your last question," the Host says. "What is Easter?"

"Oh, I know that!" says the Dumb Guy. "On Good Friday, Jesus Christ was crucified."

"Ye-es?" says the Host.

"Then he was buried in a tomb with a big stone covering the entrance."


"After three days, on Easter, the stone was rolled back and Jesus stepped out."

"Yes, yes!" says the excited Host.

"And if he sees his shadow, we get six more weeks of winter," says the Dumb Guy.

Now, when I was a kid, the Dumb Guy in the joke was Polish. Then, when for some reason Poles objected to being represented as stupid all the time, the Dumb Guy became a Blonde. Now, however, the New York TimesĀ has done us the favor of putting their reporters into the lead role by running a story on the Pope that got the meaning of Easter as wrong as the guy in the joke!