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Three Things We Can Learn From the Menendez Sex Scandal


According to a report by Daily Caller investigative reporter Matt Boyle, two women from the Dominican Republic are charging that Democrat New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez paid them for sex. The ladies say the senator offered them five hundred dollars but then only paid them one hundred each after the fact.

Senator Bob was the subject of a CBS/New York Times poll in 2006. They asked folks to name the first thing that came to their minds when hearing Menendez's name. The top answer given was "corruption" or "crooked." Of course, that doesn't mean he actually stiffed and then stiffed these girls. His office denies it and I wouldn't want to presume him guilty. But oh, let's go ahead.

What then can we learn from this sordid story? Three things.

1. Take a look at the girl in the picture above. Do you notice anything? That's correct — she has no head. There's nothing but an oval of empty space where a normal woman's head would be. What the hell, right? Well, from this we can learn that Democrats prefer women who are nothing but bodies composed of reproductive organs, breasts and some sort of interstitial material holding them together. Since the Democrat Party says it is "pro-women" and offers to supply the needs of their organs and breasts at the taxpayers' expense, women obviously have no need to decide which party to vote for or what ideas to hold and so don't actually need heads. Sure, this might create a problem when women find they have nowhere to put their pretty little faces, but Democrat scientists are working on this around the clock and when they find a solution, it will be covered under Obamacare. So there's no need for women to trouble the empty space where their heads would be.