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The Bain/Bane Video I Never Made

Agh, I am kicking myself! I'm sure you've heard of this pseudo-controversy about Rush Limbaugh and the new Batman movie. Rush wondered out loud if the fact that the movie's villain is named Bane was an attack on Mitt Romney's tenure at Bain Capital — and the Mainstream Media toadies immediately tried to make him sound like some kind of crazy man (because...  Hollywood would never attack a Republican?).  Anyway, as it turns out, Obama's team was planning on spinning the film in exactly the way Rush said, so, as always, the Maha Rushdie got the last laugh on these heel-nipping clowns (and even mentioned yours truly in the process!).

But with all respect to El Rushbo, I was on this Bain/Bane stuff half a year ago! Back then, Justin Folk and I were experimenting with making some animated videos for the Manhattan Institute (they're worth watching by the way). In February, I wrote one in which a comic book superhero Obama took on Bain Capital, represented by Batman's evil Bane. The joke was that, in the end, the superhero Obama laid waste the nation while the "evil" Bane actually made things great.

Well, my script made us all laugh, but basically we decided the work involved in producing it was way beyond what any of us could afford to do, so I put it aside. Here's the script — I don't know if you can get the feel of it, since it's very visual, but I offer it as evidence of my far-seeing wisdom. Since it's, like, the only evidence I have.


Andrew Klavan:  The Manhattan Institute Presents:  Investment Thunderdome:  Obama vs Bain!

Hi, everyone, I’m City Journal contributing editor Andrew Klavan for the Manhattan Institute and I’m here today with an exciting adventure: Investment Thunderdome: Barack Obama Versus Bain Capital!

Barack Obama is on a mission to invest in America.

[Comic book graphic: Obama looking heroic with angel chord and admirers.]

AK: Bain Capital also wants to invest.

[Monstrous Bane from Batman]

Bain:  Baaane.