Klavan On The Culture

Thank You, Iowa Teens

I’m delighted to report that The Last Thing I Remember — the first installment in my Homelanders series of thriller novels for young adults — has received the 2012 Iowa Teen Award. This award, sponsored by the Iowa Association of School Librarians/Iowa Library Association, goes to the author whose book receives the most votes from students in grades six through nine across the state of Iowa. Which means that unlike other awards given by committees, critics and colleagues, this one actually comes from the readership — a special pleasure. Not to mention the fact that I also get a golden apple. I love those and hope it remains fresh in the mail.  I believe the novel is also up for an award in Missouri and if I win there as well, I will actually have more delegates than Ron Paul.

By the way you can get all four of the Homelanders novels in a new single volume edition by simply clicking on the link.  And I hope you will.