Sling Baby Jonah Over the Top

I have no doubt it was readers of this blog whose Chicago-Democrat-style multiple voting helped send the “Sling Baby” Doritios ad to the Super Bowl. You’ll recall the folks who worked on the Sling Baby ad included two Folks — namely Justin Folk, who did some of the SFX and his son Jonah folk, who played the role of the baby magnificently. Hard to believe the kid’s thirty, I know.


Though he doesn’t like to admit it for fear of arrest, Justin was also the brilliant and prize-winning visuals fellow who did the backgrounds of my Klavan on the Culture videos at PJTV.

Anyway, I think there’s still time to drop in at the USA Today Ad Meter site and give the ad five stars. If Sling Baby ends up the most popular Super Bowl ad, the team gets a cash prize a portion of which will help keep Baby Jonah in the chips until his father can think of something else to do.

You did it once; please do it again. Go to the site and give five stars to Doritos’ “Sling Baby.”


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